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Ce mai faci?


Filminute 2009
Director: Gabriel Achim
Based on a short story by: Calin Torsan
Cinematography: Vlad Petri
Editor: Dorin Pene Sound
Sound Design: Dan Stefan Rucareanu
Executive Producer: Gabriel Achim
Production Assistant: Costi Zaharia
CAST: Paul Ipate, Adrian Ciglenean
A Green Film production 2009


Despre lucruri triste sau urate nu prea scriu. Pentru ca eu mereu vad partea plina a paharului. Acum aveam chef sa mazgalesc cateva randuri usor macabre, insa ma abtin. Asta pentru ca, pe de-o parte, uneori mi-e teama de ceea ce scriu, iar pe de alta parte, m-ar certa mama, ea nu prea suporta sa vorbesc despre lucrurile urate, negre, cenusii si alte ganduri de genul asta. Uite mama, ce fac eu sa nu te supar!!!

O melodie draguta cu decor gri si un pic de culoare sa fie atunci! Thanks to Liviutz.

Shiny Happy People

Vacanta dinainte de clasa a sasea. Tabara la Navodari cu trupa de dans modern de la Palatul Copiilor.

Plaja, repetitii, repetitii cu costume, spectacol la teatrul de vara, jucaria arc curcubeu la mare moda atunci, mirosul deodorantului Fa bleu deschis(pe vremea aia considerat parfum), dar mai ales discoteca in aer liber unde dansam pana dimineata(adica pana la 23.00-24.00 – ca atat ne lasa coregrafa) cu prietenii nostri din cantonamentul de fotbal cazati vis-a-vis.

Toate imaginile se deruleaza pe piesa asta care era hitul taberei.


Tnx to Adrian Ciubotaru for reminding me the song(via Twitter)

This ever lasting festival called Summer

Every year when summer comes the world turns to an ever lasting festival. All kind of people, finding old friends, making new friends, all kind of activities, happenings, performances, exhibitions, parties all over.

Bfit in the Street – International Street Festival , Final Fantasy – Architecture University’s Prom, Drum Up in Silver Church at after party Bucharest Bloggers Day are the happenings that started this year the Summer Festival.

The beach is also on the list, Street Delivery Fest too, more Drum Up at Cafe Verde( Green Month happenings), Bucharest Music Film Festival, B’estFest and more. And because I have this feeling this is my final fantasy summer festival i’m gonna enjoy every second of it.

Say YES to the Summer Fest!


Close your eyes

I shall continue from where we left it last time. While laying on the floor with the eyes closed, forget everything that surrounds you and just fill your body with music. Feel every note and every breathe.
You just cannot love Bob Dylan’s song I’ll be Your Baby Tonight. And my favorite version is the one played by Norah Jones.



I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight

Close your eyes, close the door,
You don’t have to worry any more.
I’ll be your baby tonight.

Shut the light, shut the shade,
You don’t have to be afraid.
I’ll be your baby tonight.

Well, that mockingbird’s gonna sail away,
We’re gonna forget it.
That big, fat moon is gonna shine like a spoon,
But we’re gonna let it,
You won’t regret it.

Kick your shoes off, do not fear,
Bring that bottle over here.
I’ll be your baby tonight.

Soul Searcher

I’ve realized that somewhere, somehow, sometime I’ve lost my soul. I have no idea whether someone has stolen it from me or I’ve just lost it piece by piece on the way.

But I think I let a piece of it in every place I was and in every person I have met until now.

That is why I’m preparing myself to start this special journey to get back my soul, taking a little from each person I love, from each person who wants to share, from all new amazing people I’ll meet in the future, from each place I’ll pass, from each new corner I’ll discover, each beach I’ll put my foot on, from all flowers I’ll touch, each tear I’ll taste, from all places and things that will leave me speechless.

Until then, I just lay on the floor, turn off the lights and listen to this lovely song and smile because of the beauty of life and memories.