Believing and working for growing a dream

Almost a month ago i was telling a friend that I had the feeling something good was gonna come into my life and that I saw the sun smiling. In that moment there were no news, no facts that could support what I was saying, just my feeling I woke up with in the morning. Actually, nothing special happened that day, so in the evening I was a little bit disappointed that I could not trust my feelings. Today I remembered that day and I realized that only a day... Read The Rest →

My Wishlist Project Day 18

Despre vise implinite am citit astazi pe blogul Iuliei, in urma unui post de-ai ei pe twitter. Ce frumos este sa poti implini visele altora…da, ma gandesc atat la fericirea celui care i s-a implinit dorinta cat si la satifactia proprie si nu-mi spuneti ca voi nu. Cu ocazia asta mi-am amintit ca am promis sa indeplinesc si eu una dintre dorintele de pe lista noastra comuna, insa pana astazi n-am reusit. Dar sa revenim la zecele nostru de astazi: vizitez Neverland 2.Sa am tablou foarte mare si colorat... Read The Rest →

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