Summer’s Gone

I close my eyes and I listen this song.

Summer’s Gone by Shareena Springer and Alina Marin

My memories are back, how we started to work on it, in the room with our drawings on the wall and all that stuff we worked on those days, lying back listening to music and looking in the mirror ceiling and laughing of ourselves. Then it came the idea of writing about the end of a great summer, idea which was really great coz it reflects the summer we spent together.

I remember how we started putting down just words, trying to combine them, how happy we were when we had done our first verse, how we record the first part of the song then get the others to share an opinion.

It’s not about this song. It’s not about him. I’m smiling now, thinking that he was in my mind when writing this song, coz even though I wasn’t sure we’d be together, I knew exactly that our time would have been limited. It doesn’t matter the song is not great. It’s all about a great summer with great people.

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